Why is he only respinding to certain text?

So me and my ex broke up three weeks ago. From jump he hasn't been responding to any of my text that relate to my feelings about us getting back together or how i feel about the break up. But if i text him about anything else he responds. Why is this?
What am i suppose to do? I don't know what he's in the mood for when it comes to his inner thoughts. I'm trying to make good advances..


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  • he may be coming to terms with his own feelings, trying to understand what he wants

    • I'm not really sure. Im stuck fifty fifty. I'm just not going to contact him first anymore.

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    • Deep down.. no. I want him to tell me where his head is at now. I want to ask him are u still thinking about things or do u wanna move on still

    • ok so meet him in person

What Girls Said 1

  • Some people don't like talking about their feelings and prefer to avoid the topic. He is probably like that.


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