Breaking up with "friends" for new boyfriend: did I act correctly?

So, when I was a teenager (16 yo - 19 yo) I was quite honestly acting slutty. I had 3 friends with benefits during this period, since I was terrified of commitment. My friends with benefits were also my closest of friends. Basically, we were boyfriend and girlfriend without the title. There was nothing these people did not know about me and I could never imagine myself living without them. This life was not perfect and 100% open minded, though. For instance, one of my friends with benefits was also sleeping with his ex girlfriend and she was constantly bullying me. This did not make me happy at all and made me feel worthless, but my friend was never able to tell her to fuck off.

Then, I met my current boyfriend. He made me see that I deserved better, someone who would commit to making me happy and nobody else. He met with my family, I met with his and we openly called each other girlfriend and boyfriend. This guy did everything for me. However, all of this was under one condition: I had to stop seeing my friends with benefits. So I did it. It was a huge shock for my friends with benefits. They all said they thought I was stronger, that I would never change because of a boy, that they could not believe I was doing this to them. They said I would suffer with an unhappy relationship for the rest of my life, that my boyfriend was overly jealous and that he would control my every step for the rest of my life - all of which is untrue, because 3 years later we are still very happy and he trusts me fully. The only problem is, I still suffer with occasional anxiety and nightmares, and remember their cruel words and the plagues they swore upon me (they were a lot). I fear they can take revenge on me when I least expect it, although I do not regret my decision at all... what would you have done? What would you think of this watching from the outside?


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  • You did perfect
    They are sulking because you cut them off and they tried to guilt you


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  • I think your nightmares are because you are ashamed of what you did deep down and they have manifested as the bullying you received...

    You are older now and you know you did some stupid shit that no kid really needs to do... I mean 3 friends with benefits was a bit skanky and you know it. HOWEVER its over, its done with and I think the mature you realises that you should have made better choices. You didn't though. I think you should feel at ease about this, we all make stupid decisions when we grow up so stop torturing yourself. I am sure if you had met your boyfriend earlier you wouldn't have needed the friends with benefits however you would have never settled after sleeping with only one guy... let it go, forgive yourself and move along xx


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