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My boyfriend and I argue and were not perfect. He is stubborn as hell and doesn't treat me the way I deserve. He broke up with me yesterday and all the sudden texts me this morning saying he is sorry.'The thing is he does this all the time. We've tried to have sit down and have conversations about our relationship and he just gets mad and blames me.
im sick of walking on egg shells. The hard thing is he has a child involved in this that lives with us 24/7 that has become very attached to me.

How do I respond back to him or should I even respond back?


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  • He's immature and insecure, and is not a suitable person to be dating. Go find a guy with no issues with himself. Your boyfriend will always have issues with you while he can't be at peace with himself.


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  • You have Openly Admitted here, @gifts123, that you both lock horns more than you lip lock. This is Not healthy for neither one of you and especially With... A child involved.
    This sticky sad situation that you both are in In this relationship is what I always refer to as a "Full circle problem pattern," where it Continues to go the same way, Continuously with no change and just meets up With... Does this all the time.
    It doesn't sound like it will ever get better, be a non going and flowing War of the Roses. A person can keep saying "I'm sorry, it won't happen again" or even 'Let's do this and we'll do that,' but unless you both get on the same page and come to some sort of compromise and understanding and to make a peace treaty that will Stick, it will go around the Mulberry bush and down a beaten path every time.
    If you decide you want a Break, then tell him this, even to call him up. A Break may be good before deciding to actually decide if you want the bough to break right now and the cradle to fall and all. I know it may even be pulling at your heart strings with a child who has become Hooked at the hip but you need to Do what is Best for a more stable and loving environment for Everyone concerned.
    However, if you feel it is beyond repair, then call him up, no need for face to face, just pull off the band aid and tell him straight out that you Are... Out.
    Good luck. xx

    • what you said just hit really hard! Your so right. I do love him and want to be with him but it's the same full circle patten every time. What do I say to him? What could I say that changes? He has been texting me saying he's so sorry

    • I knew it would probably not only Hit really hard, @gifts123, but Hit your heart as well. Okay, so again, he is pulling on your heart strings and This will continue as well with every Bell that goes off where you both end up going to your corners and come out... eventually shaking hands again. With this, it Is your choice, your call and all... If you feel you love him which I know that you do, then get him alone and talk turkey again and tell him Last Chance for Romance and if it happens again, you will not make any bones about it... you are gone.
      However, again, if just tired of it and want to move on from it all, then tell him you want to break up or take a break to think about everything... the cards lie with you. xx

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  • Don't respond back. Enough is enough. You've said this has happened before and chances are it will happen again. You've tried smoking your problems but that obviously hasn't worked. I personally would find this break up and get back together again pattern very very emotionally draining and exhausting. I don't think it's worth it


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