Is he agreeing on this closure or ignoring it?

I recently told this guy I was talking to that Ima let him go out of my life for now cause of how hurt and betrayed I felt after he lied to me. That I need time away from him until I'm ready. He didn't say anything like ok have a good life he just said if that's what I want. I said it was and hope he understands. He didn't reply back but this morning he woke me up early to ask me something just a dumb question. He told me have a good day afterwards but I said you mean life cause I told u I need you gone for now that it's the last time Ima reply only cause it seemed important. And he never replied back.


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  • It doesn't matter that he never replied. Because you're the one letting him go out of your life. Right?

  • guess he believes even if he replies back... u'll just ignore it. so he considered it pointless.


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