Are these signs my ex isn't over me?

I'm on day 13 of NC & our old friends say it's obvious he does EVEN THOUGH he's found a rebound. He stares and me when when I'm not looking. When I come into class I'm told he changes from being relaxed to putting on a tough face and crossing his arms. I went out and a day after I posted the pics looking awesome and us all having a great time he blocked me. Even the rebound chick has said he stares at me all the time. How long do rebound chicks last? Do you think he will ever try to speak to me?
I'm just self conscious that he actually hates me. He's the one who left me out of nowhere because "he got too serious and freaked out" and "doesn't want to be in a relationship right now." We had awesome times, so much fun, and a great connection. There's no big bad blowup that happened so I'm the one with hurt feelings.


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  • where's yer description?

    • Sorry I don't know why it didn't post

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    • That's what I was saying! She didn't say she knew she was a rebound though. She said that he was always staring at me. Today my friend said she got suspicious as to who he was texting and when her friend asked who she thought it was she said "probably one of his 30 other girlfriends." So he isn't talking to just her she is just making a point to rub it in my face or try to look like they're "official." He is also talking to one of his exes who he has a bad history with. It was a horrible relationship and his friend said she was really mean to him yesterday. So it's like he's playing the field.

    • i see... so he's being wid many gals just in order to forget about u?

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  • His reasoning for leaving you his BS but the only thing that tells me he MIGHT still have feelings for you is that he blocked you. Obviously, seeing your posts on social media has some effect on him because otherwise, he likely wouldn't care about seeing it and he'd be indifferent.

    All the other stuff…it's easy for ladies to read into things.


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