A mutual break up where both people still have feelings?

Hey guys so my boyfriend and I of 2 years just broke up recently. The reasons for our breakup were not the usual reasons for a break up. There was no loss of attraction or interest really. In fact you could call it one of those "if you love them let them go" type of things. I am going into my freshmen year of college and he wanted me to have the full college experience. Since he is a year older he has already gone through his freshmen year. Because we were doing a long distance relationship it got kind of hard but we still loved each other just as much. We haven't ruled out the possibility of getting back together but as of right now we are not talking. We promised each other friendship but we didn't promise when that would happen. I know that I will probably see him in a few months when we meet and catch up. One of the hardest things about this break up is being forced to move on when there wasn't really anything wrong with the relationship. I just wonder what my ex is feeling since he was the one that initially brought up the break up. I haven't done anything that would push him away at this point of our break up and I was just wondering from a guys perspective, how I should go about getting him back whether it's in a few months or next summer. Are guys the same way with checking their ex's social media constantly? Will he still have feelings for me in a few months even without communication? Or will he just get distracted by other girls? And also, what should I say when we talk for the first time in a few months? I really don't want to sound cliche but we really were the perfect match. We were just on the same wavelength with everything we did. Thank you so much for all the advice! And telling me to move on is not gonna help anything. That will happen on its own.


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  • I think the fact that you guys broke up is pretty serious. Don't you think that if the two of you really wanted to stay and be together you would have? Things being "hard" is just an excuse. Especially if you're able to see him soon. I'd seriously examine how you feel and tread very, very lightly. You never know who he's been with or how he's changed by now. And just because he misses you (which it would make sense since y'all had been together for so long) doesn't mean he wants to be with you. He could simply only miss the convenience of having you around and having your companionship. But he's likely since made new friends and met other people to fill your place in his life.

  • It might work out to get back together.


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