Why won't she go on a second date?

Like I didn't do much that would be insulting. We got to the restaurant, we sat down. She started by saying she would have me over at her place but she heard I was allergic to cats. I confirmed that knowledge and she suggested a shot. I said "yes I heard they were very humane." She gave me a look and I could tell then what I had just said. I quickly made up for it by saying O you mean me Ill get 1. Then I also made up by saying how awesome I am and all the amazing stuff I do. She got a huge headache half way though that sentence and said I gotta go to my house to get some medicine. I said I may have some but she was like I highly doubt it and wouldn't even give me a chance. I then looked in my jacket and I am like uh O. She said what? I said I don't have money then I said well you might as well stay to enjoy the food. I guess that surprised her but I don't know why but she didn't want to talk to me much during the rest of the meal. I asked her just recently but she said I don't think I should. Was there something I did wrong?
Yeah well in case you care which I got the feeling you don't. She hates me she said she hated me talking about my ex should I have mentioned that?


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  • You seriously don't know what you did? IDIOT! BAKA! Don't ever talk about how "awesome" you are. hahahahahaha. sorry but that really is funny and you didn't have any money either! you shouldn't even be going on dates you bum! jeez get ahold of yourself.

    • What does BAKA mean? and was it really necessary to call me an idiot?

    • No, I guess not but what you did was pretty stupid. I guess what I said was pretty mean and all but I didn;t mean it like that...i just found it humorous lol...she probably thinks you are ajerk though. I mean I would. try to be more considerate of the feelings of the person you are on a date with.

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  • This is a joke right? I don't know any girl who would finish that date thinking "Oh my god, I totally want to relive this adventure again!"

    • Why do you women think that this is a joke? Is there something I'm doing wrong I guess I should have had money but at first she acted like she was enjoying herself. Now do you think she is playing hard to get.?

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    • Other than me not having money what made it a flop?

    • Well that itself was a pretty big mistake. But the part where you "made up by saying how awesome I am and all the amazing stuff I do" seems pretty cocky to me, hopefully you told her in a much more tasteful way. You should have asked her about herself.

  • Is this a real question?

    • Yes its real. How could it not?

      P.S. do you think she is playing hard to get?

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    • Exactly, if you consider that approach then what do you have to lose? You already know you have a 50/50 chance because it's either "yes" or "no."

    • I don't like those odds.

  • 1. you kept talking about yourself all the time. she was probably bored and thought you came off really pompous and annoying

    2. the headache was probably an excuse to get out of the date.

    3. you forgot your wallet

    i would not go out with you again either


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