My ex shows me that he likes me but doesn't talk or ask me to hang out much, does that necessarily mean he doesn't want to get back together?

He's actions have changed towards me I can tell. He's more caring and affectionate. Teases me at times. Asks for my opinion on how he hung stuff in his apartment and even told me how much some things were. He gave me a coat when I was cold one time. One time he reassured me that he wasn't just using me by telling me what he had planned originally and apologizing 3 times whIle rubbing my back.


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  • actually he's actin in a friendly way towards u mostly i'd say... i don't see any actions comin from him dat they show he wants to gt back together...

    • We'll aside from this he has been acting more affectionate and caring towards me. Asking for my opinion and such, that all means nothing?

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    • We'll what else for there to be a big chance?

    • this depends on him and only obviously... u can't change his way of thinkin... sorry :|

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