Any Ex Stories?

Anyone have a story where an ex came back years later when you never expected it?

I'll share one of mine: I dated this one guy pretty casually for five months. Eventually he became really rude. He stopped answering my texts and calls and started to become mean. I moved on pretty quickly because of his rudeness. Two years after that he reeealllyyy wanted to date me and I had zero interest. Karma is a b*tch.

Any Ex Stories?


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  • Karma is a bitch. Amen to that. I've heard lots of times that ex-boyfreinds always come back. I've only had one and held on to feelings for him much too long. He never came back. Only had faint interest in me again once, spoke to his friends about getting back together with me, they told him it wasn't a good idea so he dropped everything he said before and listened to them. Because I guess his friends know what's best for him and he can't think for himself. That happened last year, We've tried to be friends since breaking up three years ago and he stopped talking to me back in February (ignoring my attempts at communication for a week). I haven't heard from him since. But I've gotten to hear about him from one mutual friend and I definitely didn't want to hear it. I don't know why I have the torture of him popping up everywhere but I'm sure he never hears about me from that mutual friend.

    At this point, I just have a TON of resentment towards him. He changed for the worse and he was no longer a good person towards me.

    • Wow! You know they can feel your resentment and that you still had feelings for him... right?

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    • I understand what you're saying. I understood it the first time. I'm saying I don't necessarily agree with you. Especially since he's the one who ceased communication and we haven't spoken in months.

      You may be right, but I don't agree with you. He's been done dealing with me as a person for a while now and I doubt that he's thinking about me and any resentment I've had consciously or subconsciously. I don't know how he is as a person now but I do know based on his actions that he's not in tune with anything outside of himself and is definitely not in tune with me (he's given me proof of that) so I just disagree with you.

    • Okie doke! But being in-tune with it is not a conscious thing, it is subconscious.

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  • he tried but i ignored him.


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