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What would you think of your live-in SO if, while you are out of town, he/she met someone else, dumped you over a text message (lying - you discover this later on), and before your return made himself/herself comfortable with said someone else at home, using stuff that is your property, *trying* to hide this person and everything that happened upon your return (except the break up of course), and *pretending* he/she is interested in purchasing your stuff? I mean. Classy.


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  • That's pretty low.
    Clearly he has no respect
    You're much better off with him out of your life.
    I'd be angry but no energy should be wasted on someone that horrible

    • I took a lot of my stuff from the house, but not all... :( At some point I decided that it was much worse having to see him again than having to buy that stuff again. I still do not understand how he could do this... such an opportunist. I was in shock... He left me for someone else AND he took advantage of me hiding his new relationship! He tried to cover everything with the "purchase" excuse - like I am totally dumb not to see what was going on. I am so disgusted. I agree with you: I am MUCH better off without him.

    • You must be so hurt I'm so sorry :(
      on the positive side, you have a very healthy attitude about it
      Losing a couple of possessions is a small price to pay. As far as I see if he did you a favour, this is a positive thing.
      Now as you heal you can focus on yourself and one day you'll meet the right person for you

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  • she can do wotever she wants... i just wanna have my stuff back... nobody's allowed to purchase 'em :(

    • Yep. But I would pass on sheets and pillows. Yuck.

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  • Uuuummmmm
    Did this happen to you?

  • What a *******


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