Anyone want to help with me getting through a break up?

So, today I got dumped by an incrediable guy after 3 weeks going off, how he thinks he's not good enough for me. How, we're too far away and can't wait a year or two to see me (he doesn't have a ride) and he's moving to tx next year. For now, he's just visiting. It just broke my heart. He tells me I will find someone better and he will find someone like me hopefully. I felt the connection between us. I was gonna tell him distance doesn't matter, its the person that you enjoy spending your time with counts as he once agree... he made me feel special like he couldnt go a day not talking to me. So, opinions?


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  • It is kind of weird that he did not at least give the long distance thing a try, but I could understand how he may feel. Long distance relationships are difficult and it takes a lot to keep it going. It seems like he made the best decision seeing that things would not work out. You would both be far away around new people and not even able to see each other on regular basis. It is kind of sad that one of his reasons is not feeling good enough for you. If for whatever reason he feels this is best all you can do is just move on. If you two are suppose to come back together you will. Did it seem to pain him to have to breakup with you? or did he seem ready to just move on?

    • It had hurted him a lot that he has trouble telling me what he was about to say. He had said he regreted for breaking up with me and hurting me. He already felt crap by breaking up with me. He hopes to find someone like me.

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    • Oh ok :) I understand and I'm glad to hear that you are healed from the situation.

    • Just tears me down how someone so special can disappear and is hard to find those kind of people. People say... " omg why now? you got the whole life ahead of you?" It's not like I'm asking for marriage or one night stand. I mean Its better to learn things ahead of time than be sorry for not knowing what to do.

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