Should I give this one more chance?

So I did something stupid two months ago I broke up with my boyfriend because we've been going out for 5 years, and my mum recently found out that I am no longer a virgin, and so she hates him. I broke up with him because of that because she already makes it hard for me to see him and was going to make it impossible. She wanted him to come talk to her and show his face but since I broke up with him he probably looked like a coward.

This was four months ago. This guy treated me like a princess called me always initiated marriage and future conversations, and was great. But a month after I broke up with him I wanted to come back because I saw that what I did was stupid, and he acted all proud and was hard headed, I begged for some time but like three weeks ago I decided to cut contact, accepted my mistake in the attempt to move on.

For those weeks he has been calling and iming everyday saying that he wants to try again. But I feel hurt that he was too proud to take me back.We had never broken up before, but I don't know if to rekindle. I want to but I feel hurt by him? will it heal? and the mom issue would be so hard to fix.

what should I do?



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  • Ask yourself do you truly love him? If you do then talk to him and work things out.. As goes for your mom try talking to her about this situation, if she doesn't budge in then for get her.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D


What Girls Said 1

  • everyone deserves a second chance.


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