What would make you break up with your girlfriend?

I'm just wondering about the criteria. Do guys start looking elsewhere while they're still technically with their girl, or do they break it off first?

  • Meeting someone more appealing
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  • Falling out of love with her
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  • Other (specify)
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  • Two answers. The main one first.

    C: Other (Specify) Cheating.

    That's the main reason I leave in a relationship. I find out they're cheating cutns and kick them to the curb. If possible (depending on how angry and vengeful I'm feeling) I might decide to hold out some distant glimmer of hope that they can keep me as a boyfriend and use it to make them really try to work for it. Like say making them tell their parents, family and friends, all about what they did, and maybe toy with them a bit after that before I dump their sorry asses anyway.

    Now you might be reading what I wrote and think "Oh my god what an asshole", and yeah you might be right. I can be an asshole, but rest assured, I am not always like this. I was not always like this before. It's just that I've been cheat on and abused and messed around, and fucked over by so many people. Let's just say that I've grown inhumanly cruel to cheaters. Until then I can be a pretty cool guy, but after that you might as well quit the relationship while you're ahead, because I'm not going to be nice about it, and certainly not forgiving.

    It's just how I roll. I am not good about handling a break up with any real compassion. The truth of the matter is, if she can't keep her panties on and her legs closed around other men then she has no right being with me. She has no respect for me, and she has taken my trust and violated it. I can't be with somebody like that. Somebody who can't be trusted. Somebody who can so easily just stab me in the back. There needs to be consequences and repercussions to such behaviour.

    So, the first thing on my mind is, kick her to the curb. Depending on how bad it was or if I think it will have any impact on her or not my next thought is make her beg. Finally once it's over and after she's broken up, I'd never let her back in. My thought process is that if you let her back in she thinks she's forgiven, and sends a message that she can get away with it and it will be easier for her to do it again. No. Screw that. A cheater needs punishment to learn the lesson.

    OK enough about my darker half.

    So my other answer is this.

    B: Falling out of love with her.

    Only other way I'd break up with a girl is if we fell out of love or realized the relationship wasn't going anywhere. Like if we realized it was OK, but had little in common with one another or we had much too conflicting in views or if we just plainly didn't see much of a future in where things were headed, and all that stuff. It can happen. Though really that's only happened to me the once. More often than not I find that the relationships I've had usually end before it reaches that stage because they usually turn out to have already cheated, or they were using me to cheat on somebody they were already with. In cases of cheating... well you already know my opinion on that.

    So that's my two main reasons. I can't say as I've experienced option A. Generally when I'm in a relationship, my heart is for her and her alone.


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What Guys Said 7

  • if you were an adult and with a clear vision of what you want from the start then there is no freaking reason you'd break up with a girl, unless the guy is a player or even worse he is truthful and she is a player. For me I'd only dump a girl after a major insult with another guy caused by her or if she started bitching things up and comparing me to others, if she really changes over time and stops saying the things she used to say and I discover that I'm not that much to her anymore, and when I see that I can't trust her any longer... and talking won't work... only when one or more of these things happen I'd kick her away, and she wouldn't feel bad about it trust me.

    And there is no such thing called "falling out of love", it's just a losers statement to explain their slutty life style. If you can't love someone properly then you'll never love someone else better, it's about how much you work on the relationship and not how attractive you are or your partner is.

    People these days and younger ones mix things up and won't learn until they get hit, you're not a winner cause you have banged 10 or 20 girls in your life, a real winner is a guy that values one girl he is loving and caring about, treating her well and marrying her when it's time, then living within a secure, warm family alltogether. Just make sure you have made the right choice from the beginning so you won't have anything to regret in the meantime.

    Best of luck to you all.

  • If she cheats or gets really irritating/crazy control freak Ill break it off right then. I'm a human being and I don't need that sh*t. Otherwise, I guess if I start to lose interest I may look elsewhere at first but I won't pursue until we break up.

  • None above. Depends on the situation. When you break up with your partner you should have a quiet stage meaning not looking for anyone to date, trying to recover from the break up. Depends on the man but hey that's me.

    Good Luck,

    - Harvey D

  • If I break it off, it's mainly because I've lost interest (wrong choice, found out stuff about her I really don't like, found a girl that is much better than her etc)

  • I wouldn't say they look else where well at least I dont. But I would have to say that the feelings for her may not be as strong as they once where.

  • I if found out she's doesn't have the personality that I want (kind, gentle,).

  • If she cheated on me.


What Girls Said 3

  • If she cheated on me, that would definitely be a good reason.

  • if they cheated

  • Well cheating and why would anyone want to be with someone that they don't love or really care for


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