Is it normal to pretend they never existed?

Is it normal to pretend your exes never existed? I mean I'll acknowledge then fact they're alive but I'll pretend they never existed in my life and that I never knew them nor had a relationship with them. For some reason it makes me feel better emotionally to lie to myself by saying they never got to me like that. I know its living in denial sort of, but is it that bad if it helps me move on?


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  • Well, I think that completely letting go of a person involves a certain amount of forgetting about them. I mean, if you're thinking about them/interacting with them/acknowledging them all the time, they aren't really out of your life, right?
    However (and correct me if I got this wrong) it sounds like you pretend like you never knew your exes, EVER? Like, would you deny that you ever knew them or dated them? If that's what you're saying, then I wonder why you would want to completely forget these people and/or avoid acknowledging that you ever knew them. Exes can be painful or emotional or embarrassing, or they might not even mean anything to you at the time, but they are a part of life and they help shape you as you are.


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  • If it helps you move on it can't be all that bad. I think the only real issue would be that you may not be truly dealing with your feelings by pretending they never existed. Instead you're just pushing them aside.

  • I am like you. I don't think its bad at all. Everyone has different ways to kick people out of our minds. Our way is to pretend they never existed and if it works its all good.
    Sometimes the best thing we can do is pretend they were never in our life and move on with our heads straight up (:


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