Does he really hate me? My ex says I'm a bitch and all the above I moved on and he comes up to me greets me and wants eye contact witch I avoid?


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  • He might just want to fuck you. He doesn't need to like you in order to have sex with you.

    • well he was my first and I was his 1st V he ever had and he would tell his sister to tell me not to bug his nor to talk to him yet he comes up to me and greets and I don't look at him so he starts to say that why am I not looking at him in the eyes and his sister says that as he said I'm gonna avoid him that's when things got over hand and he started calling me a bitch and when he found out about the boy friend I had he got mad so I'm confused I'm sorry

    • Well then he's an idiot who hasn't really gotten over you. He's the one who's confused. And with this you should consider moving on from him completely, he's not a stable guy. And if he were to really like you, he wouldn't have called you a bitch.

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  • Don't read into it. I make eye contact with everyone.
    In saying that, hate is a strong emotion and there is always soft undertones to passionate feelings like that - meaning he might hate you but I'm sure there's a place in his heart for you as well
    If he's angry at you for some reason he will come around one day.
    Not sure what guys would think but that's my thoughts


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