I think my ex on the fence with reconciling. Continues to block and unblock Facebook and when she posts they are a direct communication to me. HELP?

My ex and I were together just shy of a year. She was thinking of a separation from her husband at the time we met, and when we started seeing each other, she filed for divorce. We never had any problems, always happy but after 9 months or so, I caught her telling a fib about going out with friends when she was going to father's house. I explained to her that I can't handle lies, and she can hang out with her friends anytime. About 2 weeks later, I caught her in more lies, smoking MJ with her friend, a somewhat innapropriate conversation with another female friend, and a conversation she was having with a different guy friend, which may have been a fake name... I immediately ended it, but was crushed. I learned through friends that a very short time later, she started seeing someone who is the complete opposite of me, in every aspect; physically, career wise or lack of one, and just general station in life. I've noticed that posts she has made seemed to be directed at me and it almost seems like she is looking in a mirror and telling herself how happy she is, to try to believe it? Some off the wall kind of posts. Things ended and I ignored her, then there was a stage we were at each other's throats with petty and spiteful messages back and forth, followed by a less angry span of time, and then no contact. I reached out after 2 months or so and tried to apologize with bad results, then received a favorable message, I sent a few more messages and really poured my heart for the entire situation, even things that weren't really on me so to say. It was a mix of positive but mostly negatives... I've noticed through a few mutual friends that she has been blocking and unblocking me regularly on facebook, comments appear and disappear on pictures and status updates. I've heard from a female friend that she believes my ex is very hurt and still loves me but is scared and using this new relationship to not be lonely. Yes I still love her, any help will be greatly appreciated


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  • The best advice is to just stop loving her. I know you can't just do that but it is what it is.

    She has issues man. Severe issues. You cannot be with a person like that and expect any kind of long term happiness. Move on.

    • It's tough but I hear you. Thank you. I was telling a buddy of mine, on paper... this shouldn't even be a thought.

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