Has anyone gotten back with an ex?

Has anyone started a new relationship with an ex after a long period of time of being separated? My ex and I have been together on and off for 7 years and have children together so things are a lot more complicated then just losing all contact with him. However I realize that the relationship we had is something that needs to be closed and that door should never be opened again. With that being said I would like to eventually start something new with him but I know it won't happen anytime soon as we both have things to work on separately and he is currently involved with someone else but I have a very calm sensation that things won't last between them but I guess only time can tell. I'm just wondering if anyone over a period of time were able to reconnect with an ex and were able to make things work out.


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  • Never cause i feel it's never the same.

    • Thank You for MHO :) :D

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  • In all honesty it's RARE, yes because you have kids it makes it truly more complicated, you're never going to get rid of him even if you wanted to. However I have gotten back with an ex before but naturally over time it wasn't the same (negative way), and I was over it, it truly was meant to be over when it was meant to. I guess I just tricked myself into thinking that it could have worked. On the other hand, this guy I was seeing was in the same situation as you, all though he lived with her still because of their young kids and work schedule, however he realized a while ago that it wouldn't work, they both changed as people.


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