It's okay, I'm really happy for him. like I always said it's better to love and lost then never to love at all?

I saw him today, we are friends/business associates.
I always thought or felt there was more to our friendship. I always thought it was a flirty friendhip... Anyhoot, I saw him today with another "friend", who would be more his style. I guess, i mean we are very differnt, with little in common. Oh, different races as well. Once upon a time we did express a certain attraction towards each other but it didn't move no further than that. I've realized that he rather have me as a friend cause, im not exactly his type.. this new"friend" i see him with is more his thing i guess, she'll fit in with his friends and people's more so than I would.
Hurts cause i wished things were different, but I'm very happy for him. Sense this new girl will be working with us.. i need to set aside my feelings and move on.
I'm not intimidated at all by her i dont think she's prettier better than me at all. Actually I'm just sad he never gave me the chance due to our differences, but hey, everyone is entitled to a preference. I want to show him there's no love lost on my end. Without over doing it. Any suggestions? . We are business associates only, how do I proceed in this until I'm perfectly fine?

P. s any advice is so appreciated. Thanks.


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  • just be nice when u around her and him and don't show any signs dat u hate her or anything... just view her as another co-worker.

    by the way i kinda disagree wid yer statement tbh... since being hurt's worse than never fall in love... at least in my opinion :|

    • Thanks, that sounds like excellent advice. I just want to stay clear away of trying so hard that I over do things and it's clear that I secretly harbor feelings towards him. You know it's that look he gives when he stares me in my eyes, I always get the feeling he knows when I'm pretending... or when I'm upset. I don't want him to know that I haven't gotten over him. It'll make things awkward, especially now if he finds out. Or if he's pursuing anything with hi new "friend/business associates".. I don't know... I just desperately need to be ok with things,.. I mean to continue working there, and because it's been 3 years I've been living in this fantasy that one day we'll just express our feelings towards each other. But it's not going to happen.. it's been 3 years.
      What I mean is , in my delusional state once upon a time I felt like he loved me, needed me, wanted me craved me and wanted to be around me, he was proud of me despite our differences. Although it was in my head, I felt capable...

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    • so i believe it'd be better to accept he's wid her now and move on... no other choice...

    • Yeah, of course I do. I just don't wanna over do things

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  • Just like you are doing. No need to express any of it. If you feel you must, you can compliment him on his new girl and tell him how happy you are for him.

    • Thank you, this is wonderful advice

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