Does this break up feel different?

OK so lets say that you have had girlfriends in the past but not anything close to serious. You know, basically just hook up but have no significant meaning in the relationship. So the break ups are not really that bad right, because the girl really did mean a lot to you maybe? But say you find a girl, and for the first time, you are in a serious relationship. Now this is your longest relationship and you take her serious and she actually means something to you. Your mom and sister especially love her. But for a stupid reason you two break up.

Does this break up feel different? Is so, how? Have you been in this situation where a break up is harder? How did you feel?


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  • Well it depends on who's doing the breaking up and the situation. Is it a mutual break up? Is it something where there are problems, but the guy wants to work things out but his girl says its over? Is everything fine and the guy is blindsided with the break up?

  • Well,sometimes you can see or feel the water but cannot drink it.Break up have been really an easy task to perform these days.Even a single problem leads to break-up.SO its slightly different situation but the result of it is same.Its easy to break-up before other peoples but not hearts.

    Feelings will be differ to kind of guy and girl.



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