Is this text appropriate?

I can't do this anymore. In 2 years each time I've asked you to go do something with me, you always had an excuse for not wanting to do it. But let your cousins or friends ask you to do something, you seems to always make time for them. I'm done with whatever we supposedly had. I tried my best, but I can't take it anymore.

Is this ok to send this?


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  • Yes sounds concise and to the point

  • It's harsh, but I can see the impact and point you're trying to make, but I cannot tell what the situation is, so if you are exaggerating or not. I think it would be okay to send, just afterwards go full b*tch mode on whoever it is XD

    • Do it come off too harsh

    • It matters, but I think that sounds good from what you described as the situation.

    • Ok I'm going to send it in the morning

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