My boyfriend cheated on me but he stopped talking to the girl one day before I found out and begged me not to leave.

Okay so my boyfriend of near 8 months cheated on me because he was bored and I was irritating by being a tad too clingy and paranoid (this I do not deny but I will change).

i found out, confronted him and he admitted everything to me and begged me not to leave him and yadablahblah. and told me that he'd stopped talking to the girl 1 day before I found out(I checked his phone before that, and it seems true becoz the girl asked for an explanation and that she waited one whole night for a text from him), because he realized I'm the one he loves and that he felt bad for cheating on me.

he says that he will settle it and "break up" with the other girl when he's back on a holiday with his family on Friday, should I trust him on that ?

and that in his words, he felt like the feeling is back for us again, that's why before I found out about the cheating thing he told me he wants to register marriage with me lol.

i tried to make myself less available to make him miss me! and did not text or call him the whole of today and he texted me a goodnight my love message just now.

=/ does he deserve a second chance or should I just end it and move on ? because he doesn't seem to take my anger very seriously.. and once a cheater always a cheater.. he cheated in the previous r/s before as well, but he promised he will never do it again. its hard to believe him now..

i do love him still.. what do you guys think ? thanks!


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  • Move on! You are young, you are not married. The guy cheated on you so why does he deserve to have you back? He didn't think about that before he cheated. Move on and date someone else. Yes you're in love but you can get over him with time and your heart will heal. He cheated before, then he cheated with you..he has history of being a liar and a cheat so why waste anymore time with him? If you take him back you're telling him that it was acceptable and he can cheat and you'll take him back. If the tables were turned and you cheated with another guy do you think he'd take you back? Probably not right. He won't learn his lesson if you forgive him and take him back, he'll just think you're weak and he got over on you. If you do get back with him, wait 6 months to a year if you even bother with it.


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  • Seems obvious he does love you, and really don't want it to ruin your relationship.

    If you want to carry it on with him, then in my opinion he should of learnt his lesson by how close it came to the end and would not do it again.


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  • I think you should get rid of him. People don't change over night. If he feels the same way say in... six months, and if you feel the same way. Maybe try again, but he has to know there are consequences to his actions.

  • Leave him , cheaters really will never change if he loved you he wouldn't have done it. Honestly how would you feel if you spend anymore time with him give him a second chance & then he does it again it will be a complete waste of your time. You have to think he obviously wasn't thinking about you while he wasdoing that with her. be strong and smart.

    hope this helps


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