Is this a bad or good idea after a break up, help?

Hi, I left the person I loved for 4 years, because it was an impossible relationship in the first place that had no future. We still love each other, I deleted him off everything, changed numbers, made new accounts etc. However, I still have the Skype account and didn't delete him off it, because most of our history is on it. I tried changing the password so many times so I can forget and never sign in again, but failed. Anyways, I don't talk to him, but I sign in daily to see and to just observe every time he is online, what he changed in his profile. I kind of left him without talking to him because I knew I would be weak and would reason with myself to change my mind (I did that 6 times). It's been nearly 3 months without him and I am going crazy. I don't want to talk to him, but I just want him to know that I always and still love him and miss him, but my decision for leaving him was for the better and for him to focus on his future and life, and I didn't mean to hurt him and give him more hope in thinking we could ever be together. Is it a bad idea if I let him know that I still miss him and what I did, by writing it on my profile in the about me section on Skype? I just feel like I didn't explain myself well enough when I left him, I just don't want him to feel that I never did. :( What should I do?


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  • What you should do is move on. You're obviously still head over heels for him and if you know that the relationship wasn't meant to be, you need to force yourself to forget him. You gain nothing by staying in the past like this, it'll only make things harder for you. You will feel better when you'll free yourself from his memory.

    • I am really trying, but struggling to forget like nothing happened.

    • Well you could start by not obsessing over what he does on the net. Don't pay attention to him.

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  • Sorry but you are stupid and immature. Saying "not meant to be" haha how the fuck do you know if anything is meant to be? Are you an oracle or something? You say you love him but it's not meant to be, like wtf? Stop lying to yourself and to us and just say that you don't love him, because if you did you wouldn't care about a goddamn marriage! And you would rather dump him then change your precious religion, so funny! And on top of that, you decided to just disappear without giving him reasons! Can you be a bigger of a coward? This guy doesn't deserve you. Call him on Skype and tell him you are a piece of shit and that you don't love him and that you did what you did because you are coward. If he is a normal guy he will tell you to go fuck yourself. GL!

    • Thanks, but you clearly don't get how hard it is here, nor do you even know the rules and circumstances here. I live in an Islamic country, marriage is necessary here, you can't just go live with anyone here and do what you want like where you live. Since, I am a minority in this country, the harder for this relationship to take place. Good luck to you :)

    • Well you didn't have problems so far? I said you were together for 4 years right? And why don't the two of you move somewhere else?

    • Because we loved each other, it was hard to let go, that's why it continued for so long. We live in the Middle East, it is extremely difficult to even get a visa, let alone travel to some other country.

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  • If you don't mind, what's the reason you say "we have no future together"?

    • We are Egyptians, but I am Coptic Christian, and he's Muslim, and these relationships i. e. Marriage are impossible here, unless one converts, which I will not do, though he never asked for that.

    • Ah no :( That sucks. No choice but to move on, I guess? This is even worse than dealing with long distance :(

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