Why is my boyfriend so horrible?

We are a young couple who are very much in love, and if my boyfriend doesn't get a sports contract this year then he will have to go back to his country (That's why he came to mine). That's the worst case scenario, but I was talking to him just now and he was talking about the fun things he would do and all the parties he would go to when he goes back to his country after school with a seemingly complete disregard for the fact that he would not see me again if he didn't get his contract which he never talks about nowadays. We were texting so I don't know for sure how he actually felt but I'm not going to pretty anything up. Why would he say that to me?


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  • I personally think that you jumped into the relationship with him, without knowing the right information. The first mistake was getting involved with the guy, who is in your country based on a contract.

    He was full aware of this information and he didn't share it with you, do you know why? Because he wanted to have "fun" while he's here. He was winning on both ends, he gets you to have fun with and if the relationship got that serious, you would ask him to marry you and he would stay here permanently and drop you till he see's the next opportunity.

    If I were you, I would cut all contact with this guy and ask him never to contact you again and take the time to be single and enjoy life and get yourself together.

    • I actually agree with you. But what happens if I cut contact and he actually does get the contract?

    • It still doesn't change the fact that how he's treating you., plus he has showed you his true colors as well. If you do go back with him, he is going to become more overly confident and feel like he's untouchable and can do what he wants since he got you wrapped around his fingers. As you can tell, no outcome is a good one in regards to this person. You would only hurt yourself more in the process.

      I suggest you take time off for yourself, be single and enjoy life, lay some ground on what you want in life, naturally things that are right would come to in due time. Never settle for something less than you deserve. You deserve to be respected and treated the same way as you do to others.

      Whatever you decide, I wish you good luck (:

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  • Is he the type of guy who usually hides his feelings and emotions? Maybe he is upset but he's trying very hard to look on the brighter side of things. My girlfriend is the same way, she is in a very shitty situation in life right now but she always has a smile on her face and avoids talking about anything negative.

  • Will people in trouble care about other people's feelings? Are they too busy thinking about their problems that they have no space for other people's feeling? Are you the one who needs help or he is the one who need help? Ultimately everyone cares more about them self especially when they are in trouble.

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    • It would be yes. Sport is his life. But he could just talk about it with me

    • true... hopefully he will.

  • thats... really disrespectful


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  • Probably because he's young and dumb and didn't realize that you would find it hurtful.

  • Sounds like he cares more about himself than you.

  • I'd get rid of him.


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