Does indecisiveness have to do with having anxiety in a relationship?

I've been dating this guy off and on for a year and a few months now. We differ in age by 15 years, he's 34, and I'm 19. (Yes, I know, judge me.. But long story, I love him either way.) He has an anxiety disorder, which inflicts him every day causing him to feel crappy. Because we differ in age, the only cause of our break up is due to this. He will say he wants to focus on school and getting healthy again before getting back into a relationship. He's told me this more than once when he commences the break up. HOWEVER, it takes him a few days or less than a week to come running back to me and were fine for awhile again, at least until it strikes again. I believe this has to do with his anxiety, because he's always indecisive. Constantly. I stay because I support him, and I love and care about him. I deal with a different kind of stress disorder, but it's never affected our relationship because I don't take it out on him or anything. For the past week he's been going through withdrawals and getting his medication changed, he hasn't exactly found the right medicine to help him, the last medicine made him really depressed and suicidal. He doesn't want me to walk away, and at least wants to be friends, we've been through so much. Can anyone give me any suggestions on how to cope? I love him, and I want him to be happy, even if it means letting go. But, has anyone ever dealt with this in a relationship? Any suggestions? Medicine wise or anything, I hate to see him suffer. And please, no smartass comments, thank you!


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  • I'm hoping he doesn't have more of a anxiety disorder why i say this because my cousin
    gets withdrawals from abusing prescription anxiety medication and also methadone
    but he could get withdrawals if the doctor doesn't place him on a medication similar
    to what he's taking or give him something to help the withdrawals he can get sick
    he with : Withdrawal from being around people , Depression, Suicidal ideation
    I got Bipolar disorder , Anxiety and they give me seizure type medications to
    treat my disorders but he may want get second opinion if the doctor isn't helping him
    also i just hope this guys being fully honest with you , But there isn't much you
    can do people with Anxiety can make ones life hell cause they are suffering
    from panic attacks , them Benzo (Anxiety) type medications can have serious side
    effects to changing one's mood, Making one hyperactive , they can become
    physically and mentally dependent on them really sometimes their life can
    consist of what it is and than some people can move forward in life ,

  • @Shaybaye

    and then men get shit for dating older women


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