Missing me as a friend or a girlfriend?

My boyfriend and I broke up yesterday morning because I didn't think he had enough time for me and he said that he wasn't sure he felt the "spark" although he had and it "concerned" him about where it went. He said he knew he liked me and cared about me and thinks I'm beautiful. (we were only together for like 6 or 7 weeks) anyway we agreed to still be close friends (since we weren't in love yet or anything) and still text everyday and hang out and stuff. So I texted him first today saying I missed texting him and how it was weird and he said "Aww :) I... actually was thinking about you last night" And said he knocked something over and it made him laugh and think about how I always do that. Then I said that I did legit miss him and talking to him and he said, "Yeah I've been thinking the same thing... I was going to text you tomorrow when I woke up." (He's having a family reunion weekend)
Then I told him that I didn't want to distract him from his family and that I just wanted to say I miss him and he said "Well I miss you too actually. I'm going to get back to them but I'll text you when I get home... it's weird how I'm missing you right now 😐"
which I found weird if he meant as only a friend because we had already agreed yesterday that we'd miss each other a lot (as friends) so why would it be weird to him if he meant as just a friend?

if it matters, we're supposed to hang out on Tuesday
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Also if it matters, he was crying during the breakup and was definitely hesitant and everything


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  • With your special chemistry, he Misses You... As a girlfriend but is Enjoying the friendship of no Nest with the Best.
    Being his own straw boss now, he is feeling more Comfy in Not being birds of a feather but as 'Friends' with feelings who he can feel free to relax with and know with no strings attached, he is not hooked at the Hip... Just his heart.
    He is Not ready nor raring for a Real relationship but he definitely wants you in his life, he has these feelings that will not go away.
    Go slow with his flow and one never knows if Mother Nature might reap a ripe ol romance with the chance that it will be Better than before Because... Well, I miss you too actually.
    Good luck. xx


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  • As a girlfriend.

  • As a girlfriend.


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