How to stop being jealous?

I stopped seeing this guy and were on good terms, but I still have feelings. We won't get back together because it would never work out
anyway, I get really jealous of him with other girls.
In particular, his ex is recently single and wants to get back together with him. Everything on Facebook he posts she comments on
there's other girls who are flirty with him as well
it's not my business what he does and I wouldn't say anything to him, but it makes me really upset and i constantly overthink about it all
what should I do? Any tips?


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  • I understand your situation and it is very hard, and it's just one of those things that gets better with time. There are multiple ways you could go about dealing with it, but for most people the best way is simply to cut that person out. So... delete him from your Facebook friends, don't have him on any social media, have his number deleted. This is difficult and you may have to take your time with it, but you might want to consider getting rid of any photos you had together / any souvenirs of your relationship. It may seem very hard or a little harsh, but having constant reminders of him will make everything harder. Another tip that might help is to constantly remind yourselves of all the bad feelings you had in your relationship and all the reasons he is NOT for you.

    Basically, you just have to wait it out. When I was moving on, there came a time when I told myself I just have to not care and it is what it is. He's with a different person. Easier said than done, but with time and no contact, you'll start to remember your life without him.


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  • Delete him from Facebook so you don't see it. Whether you're on good terms or not you need to take care of yourself first and do no contact

  • Don't think about it. And move on. There's really nothing you can do. He doesn't want you. You don't want him. Try harder and ignore it. Sorry for this, I know it hurt but reality is he's not yours. Let him go. Trust me. You will make yourself sick if you don't

  • Don't think about it.


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