Has something ever cut you so deep that you felt this was the only way out?

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  • So if you followed the song, it sounds like you basically shut yourself off and try to forget the other person. Rather, you try to get yourself "made of stone" so you won't feel any love any more.

    To a certain extent, I feel we all do this after love that is one sided -- whether it be a crush or a marriage that went wrong after one side cheated. We all remember the other person we had such strong feelings for until we realized that they were just not meant to be. And, often times, the other person forgets fast, because they already lost interest long ago or never had it. Yet, the person who had one sided love remains trying to forget, but they "still remember when you've long forgotten me."

    Feelings don't disappear fast, and they certainly don't go easy. The feeling of hurt they leave behind becomes so strong that we try to shut ourselves off to all love, almost like an emergency shut down button. The only thing that can fix it is time.

    As for a personal experience, I am still pretty young and without many stories, but I'll share the best I got...
    So I had a huge crush on a girl Senior year of high school. It was a big crush on the person, to the point where I would get super nervous around her when speaking lol. Anyway, I asked all her close friends "Hey, does she have a boyfriend?" They all said no. So I decided to finally ask her out. As I built up the courage to go ask her and was walking down to find her, I saw her making out with a dude I'd never seen before. It was her boyfriend, who apparently went to another school. Her friends had no idea :/
    My feelings were obviously pretty hurt, but at I was in the "trying to forget" stage, I heard that she broke up with this guy. He cheated on her straight up, and didn't feel guilty about it. I thought "Now is my chance!" Waited a bit so I wouldn't seem like I was trying to take a rebound, then I got the courage again to ask her out. That was when I heard that she got back together with the guy who just cheated on her nonchalantly.

    At that point, I said screw it. I can't do it. And it took me awhile to get over feeling like, frankly, a total loser. I kind of gave up on everything and resigned myself to holding in all the feelings of being alone and the anger.
    Now I'm better though, after time, and life just goes on. I can't say my experience was probably as bad as all the people in marriages or bf/gf, but that's the best I got.

    • That's exactly what the song means. It means you've tried everything but are now no longer giving them that power to hurt you any longer.

      Thank you for sharing your story also. Its a valid story. No one can tell you what that experience made you feel. Glad you're better now

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  • Yeah, my ex boyfriend recently cheated on me and it's really affected me emotionally and mentally. I just don't understand how someone who's supposed to love you can consciously do something like that, that they knew would hurt you. I gave him my heart and never did anything to hurt him, yet this is my reward...


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  • Awesome song :D

    And ya it's happened to me before my friend.

  • In any-case it wasn't that type of song, I was just accepting it.
    And If I am feeling angry I just think about when I do what I want to do which is become a tactician

  • You mean physically or emotionally?

  • Things went really wrong with my first girlfriend. We were young and made mistakes, and didn't have answers or know how to handle all the new and strong emotions that came over us.
    She self harmed because of my possessive nature, and I felt like dying because of her infidelity.
    And yet I would bet millions to people that we would always be together.
    You can't seem to teach or warn anyone of the things that will happen when they fall catastrophically in love for the first time.
    Every skeptic is wrong about you both and your love for each other is perfect.
    But, real life gets in the way, and the skeptics always have the last laugh.

    • Thank you for sharing😊
      I'm sorry what the 2 of you had to experience together. The skeptics don't always have the last laugh tho. Once you heal you are the one in control

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  • A number of times. Life always goes on..

  • hi nice one here


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