Back to an ex? devastated?

Me and my ex was together 3 and a half years, we was engaged had only just booked our wedding and lived together, he also brought my son up for 3 and a half years and their bond was incredible, he left and started chatting to loads of different girls, then 4 5 weeks after we had broke up he was back with an ex from years and years ago, how could he replace me so quickly with and ex?😕


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  • Maybe he got scared of commitment and went through a mid-life crisis kind of phase. However, if that's the case, the damage he is creating is pretty severe.

    There's also the theory that maybe he was talking to this ex the whole time and you had no idea. If it was a random girl it may be better, because with an ex they have history :/


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  • That ex is most likely his rebound.

    Either way, while I know this is easier said than done, you need to move on from him eventually.

    • Is it more likely to be rebound because she's an ex?

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    • Is him going back to an ex does that make it more likely that it won't work out?

    • How did he get over 3 years in a few weeks :(

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  • your ex might be on some kind of spell or he is not him self which you can help him to make sire that all this stop ok you can reach me on my mail so we can discuss more and i will tell you what to do this is my mail
    traditionalspellhospital@gmail. com

  • Because guys always go back to the crazies iv notice and the good one always ends up hurt no matter how good you are its like u make it so easy for them... I don't know I'm going through some crazy stuff too right now feel free to message me


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