I don't love him anymore.. but I still think about him all the time?

I've been in a 2 years relationship with this guy.. he was my first in everything. We loved each other.. but we fought A LOT. If I would describe our relationship I'd say it was passionate but abusive, toxic and EXHAUSTING. I decided to end the relationship for good after I realised it wasn't doing any good to neither of us. He was depressed because of the breakup and was ready to do anything to get me back. I didn't want to cause I already gave him too many chances and it was the same every time. We were going in circles and I had to end it. We broke up 10 months ago. I still stalk him on social media occasionally. He has a new girlfriend now and they look happy. I don't know why that made me sad. He made me delete all of my social medias in the past and hid me from the world because he was too jealous and overprotective, and now he's flaunting pictures of his new girlfriend all over the internet.. which upset me. I don't want him back, but I still think about him every day. I haven't dated anyone ever since we broke up. I don't think I'm ready to date yet. But I don't know why the thought of him loving someone else is making me lose sleep. Even though I wouldn't take him back even if he asks me this moment. I don't know if this is normal.. do I still have feelings for him? How do I move on? I'm having so many mixed emotions.. :(


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  • I think this is normal, he was your first love and there's so many memories and emotions bundled into that.

    It just takes time to move on, and you also just need to wallow a bit - eat icecream + pizza and cry and and you'll feel better (that's what I do).

    It doesn't mean you have feelings for him, this just a normal "reaction" to an "action".

  • its totally normal.


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