Who was wrong or how should I feel about this?

who was wrong or how should I feel about this?

Who was wrong or how should I feel about this?

Who was wrong or how should I feel about this?

So blah I'm 14 and he's 14, we went out for maybe not even a month broke up and got back together and broke up again because I wasn't feeling him like that anymore, he was boring tbh and I guess I deleted him off my kik list instead of blocking so couple MONTHS later when I put my kik name as " other kik is blahblah " he saw it and messages me on there and comes at me with this. I mean hey not everyone likes to be friends with their ex, and I'm one of them. I wanted nothing to do with him and he couldn't understand that so I decided to be his associate and be cool. I mean months later he hits me up talking bout were friends like BYE. NO. TF. ADIOS. And no he wasn't just another boy to just go out with, talk freaky to, and diss him. I didn't even want to go out with him in the first place MY FRIEND SET US UP TOGETHER! The first time he asked me out I just said yes because I didn't want to be mean and I'm young , wtf is love? It's just a whole load of bullshit in my opinion. I know I know, I'm only fourteen what am I talking freaky about? Well I never said I was innocent you old hag! Not like I send nudes I'm not that stupid, sheesh, and I didn't diss him I let him go because I didn't want to "lead him on" like that wouldn't be any better, I didn't use him, did I? like the fact he said I am sorry it ticked me off and I don't know why! Like I blocked him though.

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Ugh, this isn't helping anything, I know I'm a bitch so stop posting your bitter opinions and move on with life this post is very irrelevant now.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Nawww' Thats the most cwutest' text fight i have ever seen xD

    Also, Why is he called ''Tatoo Designer''? :/

    • I don't know, I have never even asked him about it, I think he wants to be one though.

    • Oh right, If im honest with you matey, And, im going to sound like a cunt here, Im drunk, and i cannot be bothered reading all that haha.

      So, Im not going to be much help xD. Though, I wish you all the best in whats happening, And i hope shit works out for you ;)

Most Helpful Girl

  • You are a nasty and mean person and one day someone will treat you like a throw-away item and you will cry into your cat jumper and ask your mother why all men are such bastards.

    I mean, I will be praying to the powers that be that this happens because you deserve a taste of your own medicine.

    • So you'd rather have me lead him on which is way more worse than what I did, and I didn't do anything. I told him I didn't have feelings and said we should keep it at a friendly level, and I know I'm mean now when it comes to relationships or feelings but honestly it's annoying when someone you have no connection with what so ever wants to be together 24/7, I was rude because months later he hasn't spoken to me and he had my kik the whole time but didn't message me once tries to call me a friend. He tried to pick a fight with me every time we talked anyways and he was very controlling might I add so please before you judge the backbone I finally grew pray to the powers you never judge or give shitty advice like this again.

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  • Wow you need some growing up to do, how would you feel if someone you like treated you like shit the way you did to this guy? There ways to say things without being a bitch and I actually feel so sorry for his lad. Just cause you don't like someone doesn't mean you have to right to be mean to them. One day you will get heart broken like that and maybe it will make you realize that you really hurt someones feelings.

  • You're an idiot little girl tbh

  • When in doubt, the guy is at fault.

  • the guy i think.


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