It's been over two weeks, can I text her?

We dated for over two months. Fun dates and great sex. She told her mom, sister and friends she was dating me. The time before the last I saw her we went to dinner then drinks then her friends then I slept over and to the farmer's market in the morning. The last time I saw her we went out to celebrate her divorce being finalized. She was separated for fifteen months. Then she got distant when her divorce papers were finalized and she found out her ex is having a kid with his new girlfriend. I pushed a little about being exclusive because at the time I thought that's what she wanted. I told her I was giving her space and contact me when she changed her mind. The next day she did and after a couple messages I said I'd love to see you when you're free. Then she did not reply. That was two weeks ago.


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  • I feel like not speaking to you for two weeks is kind of an indication that she's no longer interested.

    • Yeah, but I know she was having a hard time with stuff and time makes things better...

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    • Look, I don't know her so I can just give you my impressions. I feel like you're barking up the wrong tree here. Best of luck.

    • I didn't mean seriously , just keep hanging out and hooking up. Thanks though, I appreciate it

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  • I would wait until she contacts you. She obviously still has something for the ex since she reacted so much to him having a baby with his current girlfriend. She needs time to think and sort her feelings out. If she doesn't contact you-you have your answer. You may have been the rebound.

  • just text her.

    • It needs to be like I'm not trying... any ideas? I was thinking either asking if she's seen the new James Bond trailer... or asking what's the good restaurant she knows of that has the really good oysters... or something like I heard this song today and made me think of you?

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