Guys, bad timing, personal issues, or just not the right girl?

Guys if you ended a good thing with a woman you had a great relationship with because there was too much going on in your life what were the chances of you going back? I know I get the whole move on with your life it's for the best. Believe me I already understand that just seeking a second opinion. I was seeing this guy for 3 months everything was great we connected on many levels it was almost like it was a relationship just without the title as both of us didn't want to move too quick! He told me he had a lot of personal things going on with his life (we never talked about it as he wasn't ready to which I understood). He ended things with me and I understood and was respectful of his decision and told him it was for the best. He told me he still likes me. He said he didn't want to hurt me and that he couldn't give me what I needed, not now at least and that there was too much going on.

Am I just overlooking what's clearly infront of my face and he just can't really be that guy for me right now or does he just not want to be with me?


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  • Been on both sides of the situation. Time will show ultimately, every chance you will cross paths again in the future.
    Best way to handle it is just to move on, ultimately it's ridiculous to put your life on hold all for a maybe.

    • No I completely agree with all of that! I don't plan on putting my life on hold just needed a second opinion. From someone whose been on both sides did you ever think to contact the girl you broke things off with? He did find his way back to me before (but before we even started seeing eachother). I guess it like you said though time will ultimately show.

    • apart from that line being used on me once, I have used it twice, once it was just polite bs. The other time it was genuine but the lady had me confused so I was just stalling while I tried to figure myself out. I ran into her a year later, and it was like nothing had changed..
      Also once when my life was at its worst, I pursued a woman because I had to much anxiety to let her go, which turned out to be the worst decision in hindsight.
      So after all my experience, I just think if the stars align in the future, that's great, but for the present if you really wanted to be with someone, you try to find a way, as much as that sucks to hear when you are in the other end

  • I'm in the same boat, I broke up with my girlfriend after five months dating because she had a lot of personal/ mental issues from her previous boyfriend that violently raped her the year prior, she wanted space but I did everything a good boyfriend did. I couldn't help her and to this day believe if it was a better time and place, we would still be together, we were the one for eachother.

    It's now been two and a half years, it crosses my mind on a regular occasion, I still believe we are the right people for the other, I will leave it up to time.

    • I'm sorry to hear that, I'm a firm believer of this too I feel timing has a lot to do with everything. Did you ever try contact her a while after the break up? He eventually opened up to tell me his issues were family related (before the break up) but nothing ever led me to believe he had family issues as he always had them on speaker phone when I was with him and things seemed perfectly normal. But whose to say there wasn't an issue. the day before we broke up we talked on the phone and I asked him why he had been so distant and he said it was personal/ family related as we weren't hanging out so much as we used to and things seemed abit different. He said he wasn't ready to talk about any of it but would sit down with me when he was ready to talk. I found out not too long ago that he told his best friend he broke things off because our conversation was too serious. Im just confused if it was family or if he was just not ready to be with someone.

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