Academy of Arts University San Francisco

If you have attended AAU or are currently attending the university, please let me know as I am thinking of transferring AAU San Francisco and wanted feed back about the university.

If you have heard about the university or know anyone who has attended your commentary is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


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  • Yep I Live close to San Francisco. My friend's girlfriend goes to that school and she tells me its a pretty laid back college. But it's well worth it.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D

    • Thanks! But I would like to know what you mean by laid back?

    • What I mean is that everybody there is really chill and very helpful. It's a fun school to do art and all.

  • I have a couple friends that go there and love it. They have lots of buildings all over SF you can't hardly drive in this city without going past one.


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