I just miss him.. and I do love him but, I know I shouldn't? He's my sweetheart and I'm so scared to tell him how I feel?


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  • its not like in the movies does't always workout but if you know there is a chance for you to make yourself happy muster up the courage and get a move on never no what tomorrow will bring do you want to spend days weeks years thinking about what could happen or just do it you only get 1 life

    • Ughh, i know. But truth is I think this one would keep me guessing, i attempted many moons ago and I was rejected. Even if there was a chance he never bought anything to my attention, a little flirt here and there, nothing that would send me asking again. Wouldn't I be foolish in all this time he's never given off no reason to ask again. And truth is I wouldn't know what to say, the very first time I asked. I gave it my best shot then.

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    • just give it time see what happens just don't wait around and think to hard or it will only get more difficult

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  • What is this guy in jail or something?


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