Should I be worried about this girl my ex never used to talk to before posting a " happy birthday" on his Facebook wall?


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  • nah nah no meed to worry s the gurls said, you get me fam?


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  • If you have allowed him Female Friends on Facebook, then no, no neeed to be That concerned Unless your Newsfeed is Feeding you More in Store.
    However, if you have a little sweet proof in the published pudding on there that there might be More than meets the Private eye, then Yes, be Very... Worried.
    When I was with my own husband whom I still have out in Egypt, it was Him and Me ONLY in our own Fairy tale Facebook world and No outsiders.
    Good luck. xx

    • You are now no longer two birds of a feather, so it could be he is being friendly or may be starting to like her. Above was written too when you both were together. xx

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  • No, don't worry. That is not nearly enough evidence to be suspicious over.

    • We'll they wouldn't put evidence on Facebook, that would be too ovious, don't you think so?

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    • I don't blame you for not wanting him to "talk" to other girls. But there is no evidence supporting that he is. It's one birthday post. Really, just forget about it.

    • I know I guess I'm just being paranoid because I don't talk to him a lot.

  • Don't weorry about it.

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