How to get out of the friendzone with my ex?

He is definatelly friendzoning me and I'm not comfortable with it! He was the one to end it 4 months ago because he lost interest. We were 3 years together! We kept in touch. I don't want to be ser Jorah! Some advices on getting out of friendzone (without cutting the contact completely) would be usefull. Thnx!
I think he thinks that I'm totally fine with it but I'm not. Should I tell him that I still want to hang out but I don't feel comfortable labeling what we are, that we're NOT friends and that the only reason I'm hanging out with him is because I still have feelings for him? I just want him to know that I'm not up for friendzone! Will it scare him off?
Forgot to mention that we are in a long distance, and that was also one of the reasons why he lost interest... he is too lazy to travel...


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  • sorry but u can't unless u wanna lose him as a friend anyway... it's up to him and only to change his mind about how he's seein u, u know ;)

    • I don't want him too see me as a friend only. There is nothing worse! I would rather him not seeing me at all and keep me in his memory as a girlfriend, then him seeing me as a friend! But then again, if I cut him out, I will always wonder "what if", you know...

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    • No he is not seeing anyone else, I'm practically his only "friend", same as it was in a relationship. He has couple of buddies that he plays video games with and that's it...

    • ah anyway... don't be so clngy on him and better start seein other guys since chances r minimum in my opinion

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  • He's an ex for a reason. What else could you be besides friends? -_-

    • This is why exes as friends never work out. There's always lingering feelings.

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    • Fuck-buddies? Lol, although that would depend on what type of person you are and what kind of relationship you have/had.

    • If he sees you as just a friend now but you see him as more then the most you could be is maybe fuck buddies? If he ended it obviously he doesn't love you anymore and you're acting like there obsessed ex

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  • I feel you need to speak to him and tell him you still have feelings he's fooling himself saying that he's loosing feelings in actuality he isn't happy as he wants to be at the moment with you instead of a break up just ask for a break and see how it turns we are too grown for games by the way see how he feels like ask him to be honest with his feelings with you

    • He says he has no feelings for me anymore, but he surely doesn't act like that. If he has 0 zero feelings why would he so desperatly wanted to keep me as a friend? We are long distance by the way.

  • Tell him how you feel. If he isn't wanting to try, he's not worth your attention. It's very hard after such a long relationship, I would know.. And it's painful.. But it always passes over time, and you find new people and new friends that will show you that you are a high priority, and give you the attention you deserve.

    Wishing you luck, hope is is willing to work on saving the relationship.


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