Girls, How should I deal with this break up?

I just broke up with my first ever real girlfriend. She was gorgeus, perfect in any way. An angel in discuise. We had an almost two year long, good relationship, but sertend insidenrs and arguments led to a more or less rough brake-up. Ever since I felt lonely, and left behind.
It has now bin two months since the break up and my "depression" has not gotten any better. What should I do?
I don't have a lot of friends, but all i long for is someone i can talk to, cudfle with and be close with (not in a sexual way). The last days i have bin wondering if i am doing something wrong. Are there ANY girls out there who can get interested in a feminine and more os less childish guy, who likes to listen to heavy metal?
I am not looking for a new girlfriend. Just a close friend.

I am asking this question towards girls, because all my previous connections with girls have bin 10 times better then with guys.

Any good words or advice would be widely appreciated. :-)


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  • You sound exactly like a friend of mine. Too bad he's also a boy, or else I would "introduce" you. I wish you luck in finding a friend to help you through this.

  • Don't get a rebound. I know it seems like it will help now but it will only make it harder later on.


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