How to tell if ur ex is keeping tabs on u? Any ways too find out?


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  • is he stalkin u then?

    any further info about this guy?

    • I don't know how to see whether he stalks me on social medias such as facebook. how do u tell even if he didn't contact u?

    • ah then u r still unsure... so u can't know i guess...

  • That is a good question... I have always wondered this too. I think one way to tell is if they are mirroring your actions on social media. Meaning, you change or add pic, then they do on facebook or on instagram, if you add several people then they do the same amount. I tested this on my ex and I would add 8 people to instagram and then I would see she would too. But, you can count on they are keeping tabs on you! It is human nature.

    • U mean ur ex added exactly the same pple u added on insta? what for though?

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    • like immediately or after some time?

    • Within that day or the next depending how often they use social networks.

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