How to accept that life would be better without someone?

I met a guy online and after going on a few dates we decided to just be friends rather than date. At the time I think he was scared of a relationship because one of his reasons for being only friends was that he was 'afraid of losing me'. So now for the past couple of months of talking to each other every singe day and hanging out constantly I've realised that I've fallen for him. I will never be satisfied just being his friend. I'm going to have to tell him he can't be in my life if he only wants friendship as I won't be able to do that and by all means if he wants to start dating again I'll be over the moon but I don't think that will happen.

Anyways, the thought of not having him in my life anymore is a painful thought and I've never really 'broken up' with someone before so advice on moving on would be appreciated. Thanks


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  • you can just think about yourself and no one will hurt you. its great.


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  • just tell him that you don't want to have a relationship any more and fill your time with something you want to do for a while to get over him


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