Should we just make up?

We started it off as a long distance relationship until I decided to get a job in the same city as him.
Yet he still forgot my birthday and I had to remind him,
He apologized and promised to make it up to me.
And my response was ok, and what guy doesn't know that my "ok,"meant that I was supper angry.
We have this this where if I okay him, he's got to do a certain sexual thing to me, so he reminded me about it and the last thing I needed was for him to go all sexual on me,
our age gap is 14 years so I still have some silly sides of me.
I blocked his phone , deleted him from social media and he's response was "Do it! delete and block me!
So I did.
It's been a week and we've both not been in touch,
Is this a healthy relationship?
Should I dump him or make up?
And between us, who's wrong?
Yet even after out fight, I can't imagine myself without him.
A few weeks before everything , he actually told me that I was his soul mate.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Geez, you are late 20s and act like a teenager, and he is early 40s and acts like a 21 year old. Both of you need to grow the hell up and move on


What Girls Said 1

  • You both have gotten through One of the hardest to Have and to Uphold of Any relationships and this Is... Long distance.
    Now that you live closer to one another, with things being what they could or could have been on your 'Special day,' it lead to Something Sexual and then A... War of the Roses.
    You both need to get on the same page and talk things out. You were angry and upset which of course led to pushing too many buttons and well, let's Say... Been there, done that.
    It IS not 'Healthy,' and with being a wise owl, but it isn't over by far. You have come this 'Far' in this relationship, you both just have to have open lines of convo in order to put some 'Silly sides' Aside and Begin your Beguine of working as a team to iron out any Differences.
    I cannot blame you for the birthday bit but if this is his First time in 'Forgetting,' contact him and try and get together so you can kiss and makeup With... Your soul mate.
    Good luck. xx


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