I got blocked on everything out of nowhere the other day & I'm not taking it well?

Okay so long story short I met this guy.. we hung out we connected like crazy but he wanted to be closer to his family so he moved back into the same town as them which is on the west coast & I'm in the Midwest.. We weeee both really hurt & we decided to keep in touch as we don't know what's gonna happen in our future.. Well it's been about a month & the other day he ignored me all day then blocked me on everything.. No words said nothing.. I just mailed out his package with a few things I bought him yesterday & now it's just done & my hearts broken.. He always said he would be honest with me if there was another girl.. He also said he would never just drop me like this.. I've tried to contact him but like I said I'm blocked & I get no response either way.. His package will arrive Thursday I was told.. I'd love to know how he liked the things I got but I have no way of knowing.. I was planning a trip to come visit him & everything's just done.. I'm hurt & confused & he won't give me answers.. I dont know what To do at this point he hates me for some reason.. :(
He's 25 & I'm 21 so I was really hoping this was gonna go somewhere & it just seems so childish to block me everywhere.. Fb, snapchat, instagram, my number...


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  • Move on and find a man who deserves you , it wasn't meant to with this guy and frankly how he treats people would you really want to be with him anyway , I know your hurting now but it will get easier with time


Most Helpful Girl

  • Wow what a asshole scumbag jerk.

    Seriously... screw him!

    He's not worth even a thought in your mind.


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  • wot he's crazy fam, move on fam, you get me fam?


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  • No idea why he dropped you like that best thing to do is move on. There is nothing you can do

  • Just move on.


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