Should I block him?

So we've been broken up for almost 6 months it was his choice, but he continued to contact me throughout that time except for a month when I told him I never wanted to speak to him. After a moon he began to contact me again and at first he was just friendly then he started asking me how I felt about him and also he told me he still loves me. He has said multiple times he was going to come see me but hasn't.

Some weeks he tells me he loves me and acts interested then the next week he backs off and it leaves me very hurt I feel like I'm on an emotional roller coaster and I want it to end. Should I just block him and not tell him so I can move on or what should I do I'm really sad and heartbroken all over again.


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  • Yes he is messing with your head , perhaps not even intentionally but he is raising your hopes and dashing them and he doesn't seem to know what he wants , my advice would be block him then you can move on and find someone who deserves your love


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  • I've seen a lot of my friends get boyfriends like this dude and believe me in most of the case: if they decide to go back together again they will be living a real Hell of blaming and arguing and coming up with the reasons of breakup and all other stuff so please if you thing he is this kind of persons just block him directly with no second thoughts, block him from your Life and forget about him. If he keeps finding ways to contacts you just make sure he understands that he is not worth your time. But if you think that he ain't this type then be careful and wise and go ahead and judge his behavior if you think he is just back to you because he is bored or something then leave, hearing what his friends or people that knows him think about this may help you in knowing.
    Good Luck


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  • yes black him


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