Ex is in no contact for about 2 weeks now, gone or letting me calm down?

I dumped him. YES because he was sexting with an ex and I caught him. He was quiet the first few days after our split-then showed me a text message from her to him stating that she did it on purpose cause she was jealous. (sent me the screen shot of the texts between them). After he got back into contact with me, it was 3 days of non stop texts morning to night, then when I decided I just couldn't handle it anymore and started ignoring him, he called. I picked up because I thought it was time to have it fully out with him. An hour later on the phone with him begging to do anything, block her from everything, if he wanted her--he wouldn't be fighting for me, blah, blah, blah. I finally got very quiet and told him "let me go." I kept repeating it until he got quiet. Then I congratulated him on being the first person to ever cheat on me. Then I said goodbye. He would not speak. I have not heard a peep from him in almost 2 weeks. All of my exs at one point or another have tried to come back. I won't take him back even if he did contact me, but am wondering if you all think he is trying to let me calm down some more, maybe he is with her, or maybe he is just respecting what I asked of him. What do you all think? I want to be prepared either way. He will be the first ex to actually really be gone so that would be a surprise if he is.
I am A typical and overthink and want to know everything--so that's why I am asking. Just curious what others think so I can stop trying to figure it out on my own (=


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  • Maybe he has not contacted you after the final conversation because he is respecting your wishes and conserving the last of his dignity?
    It's good he has left you alone yes? Or do you wish he begs one more time?

    • Yes it is fine. Just always a thinker and wanting to know that I have my peace now and he won't be popping up again. (=

    • And what dignity does he have left? He's a liar and a cheat. No dignity there at all !

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  • he's probably scared to contact you as he knows he messed up... BAD

    • It's been 2 weeks and not a peep. I am thinking he is back with her. (cause I told him why doesn't he just try to work it out with her-since they seem to still be into each other?) Lol it's all good. I am feeling much better everyday that passes and have started to move on. (=

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  • probably gone.

    • We met on an online dating site he uses. He has not been back on, I however went back on the next day. So if he has moved on, why isn't he back on there? See I over analyze everything, fun and maddening at the same time.

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