Girls, what's my best chance for this coffee meetup?

So I have all of the stories in my profile so details are there but long story short... my 20yo ex girlfriend lost feelings for me and our 1 year relationship when I became insecure, jealous, and clingyish and broke up with me after a bad fight and I flipped a shit on her (I know I messed up). I was a wreck and begged her for forgiveness and to take me back for weeks until I started the no contact thing for a month so i could calm down and get back to normal. The only problem is that I still love her, we work together, and she treats me like the devil.

It's been over 2 months since the breakup and 1 month since the NC and I've been trying slowly to text her here and there to make some sort of start to this until i decided to ask her to get coffee on Thursday a day ago. She said she wasn't sure and she thought she was busy (which was in her lying voice).

Later that day I texted her saying that I knew she was really hesitant about the meetup and that I wanted to have fun and catch up and if she needed to get anything off her mind about the past than I'd be more than willing and understanding to hear what she had to say. I also said that I would text her Wednesday to see if she wanted to go... it gives her time to think it through.

So ladies, I am crazy about this girl because even though I fucked up it was still an awesome relationship, what should I say Wednesday or what opinion to my exes reaction does you have?


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  • She hesitate because u hurt her, and the trust isn't there. She feels like you are not genuine and you are probably going to use her.

    She misses you that's why she agreed. But, when the smoke clear at the end of the day you hurt her.
    Try talking to her saying you are sorry clearing the air for god sakes

    • She didn't agree, she just said I don't know.

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  • Awkwardness will filled the whole atmosphere. Since she's hesitant about meeting up, she might be thinking about the kind of awkwardness both of u have to face, which can be pretty uncomfy.

  • Well by flipped a shit on her what do you mean? It's hard to really have an opinion without knowing the extent of your fuck up!

    • During the fight she said " I didn't get what I wanted the first time we hung out so I didn't think our first date mattered too much" and I thought she meant (sex) but she meant (getting asked out) and I completely cursed her out.

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    • I'm not, I know that I have a 90% chance of rejection and if i freak out than it will not only put me in a deeper hole with her, itll put me in a deeper hole with my progress of change... that's why I want her to see me because I realized all the reasons why I messed up and was way over my depth with the insecurities. I just wanted to prove to her that I'm actually different.

    • I applaud you for trying! I know exactly how you feel the only thing is I flipped out the more and more he rejected me now I am picking up the pieces and reflecting and growing! One thing I've learned is that if you truly care for them the way thing you can do is give them time.. Not everyone is going to be where you are and some people need more time then you would hope.. Just give it a try, be patient, but don't let it stop you from your own personal progress, and move forward with your life!

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