Guys, I need advice. please help?

me and my boyfriend have dated a while and recently he told me he needed "break" and is feeling stressed out. the same day he decided to take a break, he came to see me. I was very upset and tried to hold it in but I ended up crying and he just held me tight and told me everything will be fine eventually and that he loved me. he said he'd do anything for me and a lot of just sweet stuff jn the moment. he held me until I quit crying which was a while. 2 days after that he asked if we could hangout that day? I didn't see his message until it was too late and since then he hasn't brought up wanting to. we still talk everyday but every time I try to ask a question he just won't reply. eventually he did and he told me that he just doesn't want to talk about it. he did answer a couple of my questions. he told me he still loved me but wouldn't tell me how long the break would be. I'm worried because I can't get him off my mind and I don't want to wait around forever. today I didn't ask any questions and we had a decent short conversation. should I be worried he's just trying to be nice or does he truly want to get back together


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  • If it's only "stress" then maybe it's really just a break and nothing more but then again he did want to hangout which I find weird cause a break for me is you are not seeing each other anymore for a while. It's hard to tell but it's to early to be worried


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