Guys, HELP! Should I try and make my ex jelious for him to make an effort to contact me?

I Know He Gets Jelious Because Last Time I Was WITH Him WE Were Talking About work and I said " I wish I worked with all guy's there easier to get along with" he had his head down the whole time I was saying or too and then he made a move on me. So I Believe That He Got Jelious Right?

Whenever we hang out we do everything we did when we were together. I just have a problem with him getting in contact with me?

What should I do?
Guy's suggestions please!!!


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  • Michael in SC has it down. Why would you want someone back that broke it off like that by being deceitful and manipulative? That is no way to start a relationship. And to cut to the short here if you really want a direct answer ask a direct question. "Are we getting back together". You'll at least get an answer. Even if it's not the one you're looking for you'll be able to move on regardless.

    • I can't because I already asked him before directly so if I needed to I wanted to do it more subtrer this time?

      He is not manipulative.

      he's Actions When We're Together ARE Just LIKE When We Were A Couple?

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    • Personally considering the situation I wouldn't care. You're looking for answers I can't give you. As I've said you sound unsure. Usually you should follow your intuition and do what it tells you, not your heart.

      If you're comfortable with just hanging out realize that's all it is until he says differently. If you're not, then move on.

      Only you know what you should do right now. You've gotten some good advice here tonight. Follow your intuition.

    • Okay IM Just worried I can be wrong

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  • You really want a "relationship" based on jealousy? Just let it go.

    • No bu I don't know what else to do? He did get jealous when I said that

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    • I don't care what you do. This site has pissed me off to the point where I am deactivating my account.

    • Okay then thanks for commenting.

  • There is no "one size fit all" to all. Even if he is jealous that may only piss him off. But if you think it's worth the risk and if you don't have anything else to go with, just can't lose by trying that

    • We'll if it might possibly him off I don't want to do that. Is there another way?

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