Girls, my ex and I broke up not too long ago. The last thing she said was, "I'll always love you". Should I fight for her?

Hello, just want to see how other girls would react.

Our reason for breaking up:
- Unfortunately, I neglected her (caught up in my own stresses, not proud of it)
- She was struggling in school
- When other guys supported her, I became jealous
- She became confused

I made huge mistakes. So I've been working at it, on myself and moving forward and learning from it. No matter how I see it, every part of me says I should go fight for her. Not in a desperate/needy way. More like: reminding her of the good times, the happy times, the sweet times. The reason why I want to do this - is because there was a really strong connection between us. When we were not influenced by emotions, we shared something real.

Since the break up she's reached out to me with an email. This was the last thing she said on the email; "I wish I was a better person for you and for myself. Cause I can't help but feel that if I was, we'd still be together laughing and smilimg and loving eachother like always."

Here's what I'm going to do. Girls please let me know what you think.

Her birthday is coming up, in about 3 weeks time. I still need to give back some of her things, so I will drop off her stuff at her parents place. I will leave a small gift and ask her parents to give it to her around her birthday. This is pretty significant. Because that's how we started dating. It was actually her brave move of, dropping a birthday gift at my house that we started dating. Hopefully she responds. If and when she does I will see if she's interested in talking on Skype. From here, I will play/sing a song she showed me back when we first started dating on the guitar. And we'll go from there. If she is happy with her life, I will just move on and be happy with mine. But this is what I'm going to do.

Thoughts? Is this creepy? Is this too much? Or should I do nothing at all? Let me know, Thanks =).


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  • Just because two people Breakup doesn't mean they can't and don't Makeup and that it is Goodbye, my love forever. And with an "EX" who still Marks an X in your own softie spot here, dear, the words from her with "I'll always love you" is tugging at your heart strings, something inside makes you realize That... I made huge mistakes.
    You have time to do some of your own soul searching with someone whom probably was the best thing who ever happened to you, the Catch of the day and a lifetime love.
    And with 'Not too long ago' that you both made the break, it now just so happens to be 'Her birthday coming up,' and a Big... Chance for rekindling romance.
    As wise as owl as I think that I am, my suggestion is, leave her parents out of the loop hole and Begin your own Beguine of jumping through some hoops on your own. Surprise her with 'Dropping a birthday gift at her house,' just the way she had Done... As her brave move.
    This may show her you are making an attempt to try and prove that you are trying to change.
    While you are at it, talk about her 'She's reached out to me with an email,' and never mind 'Her stuff,' leave this at home right now, you have bigger fish to fry.
    Nursing and nurturing a New begi9nning is a fresh start when each partner learns where he and she may have went wrong and the next 'Move,' can actually be better than the First.
    Good luck and blessings. xx


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  • That sounds extremely sweet.

    However, be prepared for anything at this point.

    Although she said she will always love you...
    Love can fade.

    But you never forget how much that person meant to you at that moment in time.

    Good luck

  • Go for it if you relate like her and you get the feeling that she feels the same. But I wouldn't say fight for her that's a little dramatic all you need to do is talk.

  • you should fight for her

  • Well I think it is lovely... so ok lovely

  • I say do it..

  • That sounds like a great very thoughtful romantic idea.. I would forgive you ;)


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