My ex won't give up?

I have started dating now another guy! My ex is constantly trying to make me fall for him again. I do miss our relationship from time to time. We dated for 3 years and friends for 10 years! I just know that I am unable to be in that unhealthy relationship. I like my current boyfriend a lot more! Any suggestions of trying to get my ex to give up without screwing a friendship?


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  • Screw the friendship and block him all over... Men cannot be just friends after we had you as our girlfriend.. Sorry we can't, we can be in times of great need, but we can't just look at you on our social media or meet you in person and feel like we don't want you anymore


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  • It looks like you and your ex have a lot of history together. Since you knew him for so long he probably feels that might help his case. Why did you guys break up? And when you say the relationship is unhealthy then I assume he was doing something to make it like that. How often do you hang out or see him? If your seeing him a lot it could be leading him on. Or making him think he has a chance You could tell him something like this"That you care and will always like him and stuff. But he has to realize things didn't work out but you still value what you have and you dont want to loose hin out of your lide, etc" I think if eventually he doesn't stop trying to pursue you that you might have to cut him off if it gets out of hand. But congrats on being happy in your new relationship.

    • I never seen him, the end of the relationship we fought lots! Felt like he was using me! Thanks for your opinion, and thanks about my new relationship

    • That sucks that you guys fought a lot. Thats good that you don't see him or run into him. I think it makes it a little easy to forget about him. That is true Sometimes people will use you. Your very welcome. :) I am glad that you found a guy that makes you happy.

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  • I'm in the same situation. He says he wants to stay friends but I absolutely don't see why it's so important to him. He's tried many times to get me back in his life. I now met someone I absolutely adore and my ex saw me with him a couple times. He could tell how good things are going on between me and "my" new guy. As a solution, I would try my best to ignore him. It didn't really work... But if you're persistant, it would very likely work. Or, go for the harsh, painfully straight-forward one: just tell him that you don't want him in your life anymore, at least not as a romantic partner.
    I hope it helped!

    • Thanks I think that will have to be my last resort. But thanks for your input

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