I need an opinion on this please- am I being unreasonable?

My ex boyfriend considers me to be one of his best friends, so naturally he tells me all about his new relationship. He tells me about fights he and his girlfriend have etc. it was a mutual breakup but it still feels kind of painful for some reason.

i told him that he's still my friend and can talk to me about whatever he wants, just not about her.

he said he thought he could confide in me.

am I being uneasonable? Should I just suck it up and listen?


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  • i think your being a little bit too reasonable but since it was a mutual breakup I could see how it wouldn't hurt as much as something like cheating... but honestly if you find it uncomfortable there's no reason for you to have anymore intake about his girl just because you want to talk with him. If you really are that interested in him then just tell him to stop going on about her, but otherwise just avoid contact if he's gonna carry on being boring. Cuz for me if my ex told me about her guy I'd tell her to stfu, and I do have an ex by the way


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  • No, not Only are you Not Being 'Unreasonable' but he is Mistaking your wave of your own hand weakness for kindness by thinking you are some soft sport along with a Good sport and he Is... Taking all of this 'Bestie babe' relationship rap for granted, taking terrible advantage of you and your shoulder to cry on.
    Remind him again, my friend, what your Request is if he wants to Continue to be a Bud indeed. Tell him once more that you don't mind him dumping on you but it still makes you feel Uncomfortable talking about Someone after you Both... Dumped one another.
    There should be a fine line, a limit that even an "EX" should not cross when Crossing the Other with certain sore subjects.
    Good luck. xx


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  • To me, I feel like it's a little unreasonable, but if you really feel like it's too painful to talk about, you should still tell him that.


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  • Hell no, he needs to respect what you all had! To me that's disrespectful on his part. How would he feel if you did the same thing. Mt opinion you should stop trying to be friends with someone you once had feelings for. Not saying it's not possible but it rarely works and people try to act like its nothing but their only hurting themselves! Also how would you feel if he confided in other women about your relationship when you were together? Not cool and you know it!


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