How do I move on from my ex?

My story...

My ex messages me online, tells me pretty much this...

"I don't know if you realized this, but I'm breaking up with you. I hope you're not mad because I want to be friends. If you are, then whatever." He signs on, writes this, and signs off immediately after, not giving me a chance to say anything to him. I'm not even sure why he dumped me.

This is a week after he ditches a date. He never told me why he didn't come. I didn't say anything, cause I though maybe something happened, and I didn't want to nag at him and drive him away. When I messaged him back about the break up, he didn't respond back. I never talked to him after that. Unfortunately, I keep thinking about him. He kept stroking my leg and such in front of other people, so I feel like maybe he dumped me cause I didn't put out for him? He was doing this since the first date, and I don't want to go back to that. But, I miss his personality, as he was great to be around. I'm sort of wishing he meant his "wish to be friends," cause then I'd be around him. How do I move on from this?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Congrats! You are no longer in a relationship with a total douchebag! Celebrate! The world is your oyster! You are FREE of the rule of King Douchebag the First. HOORAY!

    Any guy that breaks up with you over the internet, and then IMMEDIATELY SIGNS OFF, no less, is unbelievably worthless.

    Send him a link to this question so he can see what a douchebag he was. Then sign offline immediately.

    Well, no. Just move on. Find someone better.


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  • he broke up with you over the internet?

    what a loser.



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  • he sounds like a total douchebag you can do better forsure.. how long were you guys dating for?

  • Find another guy it's the easiest way, But no matter what it'll be hard.

    • Yeah. Sounds like in this case, finding another guy is the best option. Doesn't sound like you've been together long at all. Find another dude.

    • Totally agreed.

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